Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 12/5

Title: No Trace
Developer: Square Mountain
A stylized top down stealth action game, with the mechanics and objectives inspired by the Hitman & Metal Gear Solid game's. Combat mechanics inspired by Hotline Miami & LA Cops. Art style inspired by Crookz & Hitman GO.
Title: The Cycle
Developer: Marek Budík
The Cycle is a pretty isometric 3D arcade combat platformer about fighting your way up the tower over on fly generated destructible platforms.
Title: Reditum
Developer: Reditum Team
Reditum is a surreal themed adventure-puzzle platformer game which has a deep story.
Title: Hunt
Developer: Hunt Team
Hunt is a dark, first person stealth-game, where the player is a wolf in a forest full of deadly hunters and has to find its stolen cub.

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