Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Watchlist: Planet Nomads

Title: Planet Nomads
Developer: Craneballs
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
In development

Go further and become a true planet nomad – put all your energy into mastercrafting a huge self-sufficient mobile fortress with all the facilities needed to survive on the road
Both the survival genre and the building genre has grown incredibly popular in recent years. From Ark to DayZ, Space Engineers to Besiege, there's a plethora of titles for fans of the genres to enjoy. The upcoming Planet Nomads combines the strengths of those genres into a single sci-fi package, as you construct vehicles and bases to survive hostile worlds.
Sprawling deserts, freezing tundras, colorful wilderness...Planet Nomads is home to all manner of biomes and dangerous fauna. Supplies are slight and your only hope of surviving is to construct a space ship and get off this isolated planet. Thankfully, you have the engineering skills to make those plans a reality. With gathered resources and tools, you can construct bases and outposts, powerful defenses, and new equipment. But the most versatile tool is a mobile one: building whatever vehicle you can imagine to travel the planet.

The developers released the Editor a while ago and it's complex, deep, and surprisingly user-friendly. Essentially, it's Space Engineers for land-bound vehicles. Nodes, armor, wheels, control modules, weapons, and much more lets you construct everything from simple buggies and tanks to gargantuan sandcrawlers complete with helipads or even a recreation of the War Rig from Mad Max. But your best option is a mobile base, a self-sufficient home on wheels.

You'll need every piece of armor and weapon, because the worlds in Planet Nomads are not friendly. Subzero temperatures are a constant threat in icy regions. Meteor showers bombard the surface. Fierce predators lurk everywhere, from hulking beasts to massive worms lying in wait underground.
Planet Nomads is coming to Kickstarter in January, with a playable alpha expected to be ready by the summer. You can download the Editor here and learn more about the game on its main site.

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