Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 12/26

Title: Monarch Black
Developer: Mirrorfish Media
In Monarch Black, players become a butterfly to explore ever changing abstract environments and do battle with swarms of laser firing insects. Fly unconstrained through drowned cities and snowy forests to find glowing pollen grains. As you progress you'll unlock new weapons and capabilities to evolve your avatar and fly deeper into this strange and beautiful world. Because the levels and power ups are randomly generated, no two playthroughs are exactly the same
Title: Fantasiam
Developer: Belmin Kozli─ç
An RPG set in Slavic mythology with focus on puzzles and exploration
Title: Shattered Might
Developer: Livid Interactive
A colorful action-platformer where the player seamlessly switches different warriors
Title: Stranger on the 103rd Floor
Developer: Sopcen
You play as a thief, infiltrating buildings, avoiding guards and using gadgets to get through areas. Each gadget can be customized using items like timers, sensors, sticky stuff, triggers etc. and new items can be crafted by picking up parts from either enemies or found lying around the levels. The environment is destructible too allowing you to drill or blast your way through walls to get to your goal. Adding these elements together should hopefully result in lots of ways to get through each situation.

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