Saturday, November 14, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 11/14

Title: Eastward
Developer: Pixpil Games
An action adventure influenced by Zelda and Earthbound
In the world of Eastward, human societies are isolated and shrinking, due to some severe environmental problem. You will be playing a father with a following daughter, and go through this post-apocalyptic world
Title: Mordhau
Developer: Team Mordhau
Mordhau is an upcoming medieval first-person fighting game with a strong emphasis on skill-based competitive play.
Title: CURE
Developer: Cryogenic Entertainment
CURE is a real time strategy game that puts the player into the shoes of a scientist creating new life forms in order to produce the world's most powerful medicine, or perhaps its worst disease
Title: Boss 101
Developer: Donley Time Foundation
Boss 101 is an action adventure game with you taking the role of Max, a teenager with a jetpack. Help your brother and save the world at the same time. Buy weapons, hats, upgrades while you battle millions of randomly generated bosses.
Title: Nadia Was Here
Developer: Joep Aben
Nadia Was Here is an RPG about the worth of a life in a world that is about to forget you ever existed. Features an original battle system and puzzle-filled dungeons.

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