Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Watchlist: Skychasers

Title: Skychasers
Developer: Alexis Eshford
Platforms: PC
In development
A story-driven fast-paced 2D arcade shmup about supersonic jets, intense dogfights, and giant bosses
Fighter jets carve through the skies, leaving coiling contrails in their wake and unleashing blinding explosions and streaking missile barrages. Amidst the aerial chaos, a singular pilot deftly weaves between the opposing planes and projectiles. That's the core gameplay of the in-development high-flying shmup Skychasers: vibrant, frenetic, bullet hell action in the skies.
At the controls of an extremely mobile and well-equipped fighter jet, you'll face down squadrons of enemy planes, pulling off precise aerobatic maneuvers to evade bullets and missiles. While the game might seem reminiscent of the other 2D aerial bullet hell Luftrausers, Skychasers stands apart due to its colorful visuals, stage-by-stage progressions and bosses, and a focus on letting the player remain untouched through skill alone.

A stylish barrel roll move lets you dodge incoming projectiles, and by combining that maneuver with your fighter's agility, it's possible to beat levels without getting hit once. Complementing your superior mobility is a customizable loadout to blow your enemies out of the sky. EMP bombs, rocket swarms, homing missiles, and more are available, along with a sizable array of modules to further alter your play style.
Skychasers is still relatively early in development; you can follow its progress on TIGSource and Twitter.

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