Sunday, May 8, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 5/7

Sorry for another belated post. Will be back on track this week


Title: Smash Bash
Developer: SmashBash team
Turn-based tactic game in setting of alternative WW1 history with mix of military technologies like steampunk and dieselpunk
Title: Rogues Like Us
Developer: Odd Byte Games
Become a Rogue and fight your way out of exile in this hack n' slash rogue-like.
Title: Decay of Logos
Developer: AndrĂ© Constantino
Decay of Logos is an immersive action/adventure third-person RPG influenced by Nordic folklore and by J. R. R. Tolkien’s high fantasy. You play as a girl on a journey with her companion, a mystical Elk. They fatefully meet after her village is destroyed by one of the King’s sons. Battered and oblivious of the culprit behind the attack, the girl will not rest until she has her revenge. During her quest she will unveil secrets about the King and his sons, slowly realizing that all is not what it seems.
Title: Dogos
Developer: OPQAM
Putting the player in the shoes of Desmond Phoenix, a skilled pilot in command of sophisticated ships equipped with various types of powerful weapons, DOGOS invites you to explore 14 original open world levels completely made in 3D, giving players the opportunity to meet goals from any angle they can imagine! Intensive action, an insane amount of shooting and explosions, all accompanied by an incredible and catchy soundtrack.

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