Sunday, May 15, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 5/14

Title: Event[0]
Developer: Ocelot Society
In a world where the humankind has embraced artificial intelligence, you are stranded on an abandoned spaceship.
Title: Keel-Haul
Developer: Summa Games
Keel-Haul is an asymmetrical multiplayer action game that pits the greatest pirate captains from across the seven seas against deadly sea monsters, in a battle for gold and glory. The game currently features local versus multiplayer, with 3 deadly pirate ships and a crafty Kraken.
Title: Heat Guardian
Developer: Denis Rudoy
Support the fire to survive a cold and dark world full of dangers and mysteries
Title: Hacktag
Developer: Piece of Cake Studio
A 2 players co-op stealth videogame with asymmetric gameplay

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