Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 4/30

Title: Amirelia
Developer: Magic Spell Studios
Explore a deeper meaning of friendship in the abstract world of Amirelia. Grab a friend and immerse yourselves in award-winning cooperative gameplay as you work together to overcome a variety of puzzles and other obstacles. Amirelia offers a vivid, rich environment where curiosity and imagination are not only welcome but encouraged
Developer: David Horn
Whether it's a simple drop toe hold, or a plasma blast to the face, Chikara gives users complete control over all the crazy action! Borrowing elements from both wrestling and fighting games, Chikara opens the wacky world of professional wrestling up even wider, granting the user power to employ not just traditional wrestling holds, but lasers, fireballs, rocket launchers and more!
Title: Kundalini
Developer: Zellk
The player controls Kunda, the celestial keeper of the resumption, attempting to appease the dying God and accompany him into the cycle of renewal. They need to ride the raging dragon's decaying body and ring the seven bells on his back to bring Ouroboros peace.
Title: Morph√™
Developer: Pixelfoot Games
A relaxing mountaintop covered in stone 'tomes', where you can add/remove/modify elements of the ambient song that's going on.

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