Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No Money, No Problem: Ludum Dare 32

Ludum Dare 32 ended last month and voting results were posted recently, revealing the best rated games in this "unconventional weapon"-themed jam. Here are some of more interesting and fun entries I played: 

A Knife Made Of Whispers
A new platformer from Daniel Linssen (HopSlide, Javel-ein, The Sun & The Moon, etc.). Reach the exit, defeat enemies, but be sure to stay within the light of your lantern.
A short tribute to Blade Runner, Another World & Flashback. As a skilled assassin, you must take out your target in an unconventional way.
A roguelike from Terry Cavanagh, of Super Hexagon and VVVVVV fame. Kill your enemies to gain their abilities, and adapt to each new skill to survive.
Mable: The Journey
An pixel art vertical slice of this in-development game's interesting mechanics. Drop your sword and then recall it to slice enemies in half, evading enemies and projectiles in the interim
Out of Mind
A top-down horror game. Looking at enemies hurts you, so flee and find the exit before losing your sanity in the dark passages.
An atmospheric horror game with a unique art style. Defend against encroaching creatures with your holy light and find the key to escape.
Udom Nebdon
An "Alone in the Dark"-inspired game; utilize a magic mirror to survive and escape
The Rock the Paper and the Scissors (currently renamed Rhythm Ranger)
In this sidescrolling Western, you take on bandits in the ultimate showdown of Rock Paper Scissors
A short but effective experience where you take revenge on your boss.
Use your teleportation ability to slice and dice enemies in this action platformer

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