Monday, May 25, 2015

The Watchlist: Transmission

Title: Transmission
Developer: Transmission team
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
In development
Transmission is an action adventure game set on a mysterious alien world
You awaken, lost, alone, confused, stranded on an unknown world. With nothing but your ship's central computer for guidance, you set out into a landscape teeming with secrets and hostile inhabitants. This is the world of Transmission, an upcoming isometric action-adventure title with a focus on exploration and discovery.
Perhaps the first aspect that stands out is the game's style, an aesthetic with the goal of mirroring hand-painted art and making the world feel like a piece of concept art brought to life. But Transmission will offer more than just a mysterious landscape to explore; armed with suit enhancements, special equipment and defenses, and upgradable weaponry, you'll face dangerous robotic enemies and native lifeforms, as well as solve environmental puzzles and traverse hazardous areas. Similar to a classic Resident Evil or adventure game, you'll need to collect items to activate alien machinery and unlock new sections of Transmission's world
Transmission is still relatively early in development; you can follow its progress on its TIGForum devlog and Twitter page, as well as the game's main site.

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