Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 3/21

Developer: Vakey Rujevic
The game is an interactive story driven experience where the following gameplay elements are combined with story telling to have the player feel and experience the life of an Organism.
Born as a foreign organism in a habitat that is slowly diminishing due to the extraction of vital resources by artificial organisms, you will fight to keep the habitat alive.

My Last Friday
Developer: Gadan Games
In My Last Friday, you play as Howard Goodson who finds himself locked inside an old house. He has no idea why and how he got there.
He falls deeper into a surreal world filled with dark secrets and gruesome creatures. While he's trying to find the way out it slowly becomes clear, why he is in this strange place and what forces are behind his torment. But he must fight and solve puzzles to see the connection between him and all these horror.
It's Friday and somehow he feels that it could be his last one. Whatever happens, he still can make a difference.

Developer: Ice Water Games
Viridi is a meditative potted plant app currently in development for PC/Mac and mobile. Nurture a small pot of succulents that grow in real time.
Our goal is to provide a moment of peace and quiet that you can pull out of your pocket whenever you want and/or need it.

Developer: Revenge Games
Regret is a 2D, psychological, survival horror game about a teenage boy, named Keenan and his pet fox, Curo.
After mother’s death, the boy is forced to move in with his father, out in the rural town of Silver Pines. Upon arrival, Keenan finds Silver Pines to be a ghost town, taken over by a living darkness, and the boy’s father is nowhere to be found. While struggling with a loss, Keenan must fight for his sanity, for his life and for his missing father, that is a stranger to the boy.

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