Friday, March 13, 2015

No Money, No Problem: [encrypted]

Title: [encrypted]
Developer: Niall Moody
Platforms: PC, Mac

[encrypted] is an abstract and minimalist roguelike, stripped of stats and gear and focused purely on discovery, experimentation, and tactical maneuvering. In a world of odd glyphs and roaming enemies, you must survive. There is zero handholding here, no tooltips, no tutorials. Your first few attempts will be confusing, but each death is a learning experience as you slowly but surely learn how enemies behave, how spells work, and grasp the game's other systems and mechanics. Evading challenging enemies and using abilities at the best time is rewarding, especially as you piece together the rules of the game and use the knowledge to your advantage.

[encrypted]'s development is currently on hold, but the available build is relatively complete in terms of mechanics. You can download the game here.

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