Monday, March 16, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 3/14

Developer: AeroJoust
OBSERVER takes you on a journey through eldritch, strange worlds. OBSERVER is a minimalistic, cryptic first person adventure game. OBSERVER will always be there.

Project Ascension
Developer: Emotion Theory
Project Ascension is a puzzle adventure game about remotely manipulating the environment with the power of light. Each level introduces new and increasingly complex mechanics that alter the way you think about puzzles and progression. It is mostly inspired by the dungeon design and perspective seen in the top-down Zelda titles such as A Link Between Worlds and The Phantom Hourglass.

Developer: Negative Zero Inc
Venturi features fast paced and rewarding combat, a deep and evolving story that you shape as you play, and arena style multiplayer that will test your tactical skills. Build a loyal party to venture with you while you explore the massive galaxy, alive with intelligent AI controlled denizens with their own schedules and goals. The galaxy is full of mystery and secrets for you to find.

Blossom Tales
Developer: Castle Pixels
Blossom Tales is a refreshing combination of classic Action-RPG gameplay and modern design. Players can expect a one-of-a-kind experience as they explore hand-crafted dungeons that cleverly combine pre-designed layouts and randomized areas, all while using the handy target-lock system to take out specific enemies, lock onto a boss’ weak spot, and interact with puzzle elements and game world objects. The young Lily will also keep players on their toes by occasionally introducing enemies, story events, and more as she helps her Grandpa tell the tale.

Developer: Senscape
Decay surrounds you, dread around every corner. You feel imprisoned while traversing the endless corridors…
Asylum is a chilling journey through the intricate floors of the Hanwell Mental Institute, in which unimaginable atrocities have occurred in the past. Over four years in production, this horror adventure aims to marry cutting edge visuals with thrilling storytelling to give you the ultimate experience in fear. From the designer of the award-winning and cult sleeper hit Scratches.

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