Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 10/4

Developer: studio oleomingus
Rituals is a narrative driven, exploration game with element of stealth. The game is set in an alternate Colonial India and explores the strange consequences of the search for a mythical city called Kayamgadh. Explore this convoluted construction, celebrate its absurity, and piece together its strangely crafted stories
Learn more, download the alpha demo here

Dawn of the Ronin
Developer: Rising Sun Studios
Dawn of the Ronin places you in control of an unnamed Ronin warrior right in the heart of 16th Century Japan. Your only companion cut down by Tokugawa’s soldiers, you become one of the thousands of warriors that Toyotomi calls to defend Osaka and stand against the Tokugawa regime.
Learn more here

Developer: UnscrewedGame team
Uncrewed is a real-time strategy game for the PC with the ability to design units from scratch. Unlike in more traditional RTS, units obey the laws of physics, making design choices especially important. The game will feature a single player campaign, stand-alone single player maps, and multiplayer play. A map editor and capability for further customization will also be available.
Learn more, vote on Greenlight here

Developer: Tim Conkling & co.
Antihero is a fast-paced 4X strategy game set in a gaslit city overrun by corruption & greed. In Antihero, you run a Thieves' Guild. You recruit and train thieves and street urchins, scout the city, infiltrate banks and factories, perform assassinations, and generally behave in a very un-hero-like fashion.
Learn more here

Unnamed gladiator game
Developer: bignic
Couldn't find an official description yet, but from the developer's Twitter posts, it'll involve shields, gladius, gladiatorial training, bloody dismemberment, and glorious victory
Learn more here

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