Saturday, October 25, 2014

PC Review #111: Greebroll

Title: Greebroll
Developer: ThoseSixFaces
Platform: PC
Price: $6.99
You've probably played a ball roller before, perhaps Super Monkey Ball or a mobile game like Orborun and Gears. So in that sense, Greebroll will feel familiar: roll your sphere around, avoid obstacles, don't fall into the abyss. But the game stands out thanks to its abstract style, unique and varied levels, and interesting mechanics that open the door for a plethora of inventive challenges.
Greebroll separates itself from other games in the genre from the get-go.
Rather than long windy tracks, levels here are compact and dynamic, abstract shapes hovering in the abyss or structures based on fonts and pixel. The goal here isn't to beat your time or reach the finish line, but to simply survive for an certain amount of time. Easier said then done when levels rotate and twist, forcing you to jump from ledge to ledge or stay balanced on off-kilter spinning platforms. Equipped with a double jump and the ability to fire projectiles, the levels grow more complex as you blast through barriers, activate platforms mid-jump, or deal with clones and multiple spheres at once. In fact, I'd say Greebroll is closer to a game like Super Hexagon than Super Monkey Ball, as you will die and restart again and again until you've perfected your skillet and mastered each level's challenges. The vivid colorful style completes the abstract minimalist presentation.
If the 200+ levels aren't enough, Greebroll also allows you to play every level co-operatively as well as test your skills in a competitive multiplayer. You can download free demos and alpha builds of Greebroll on IndieDB. The game is also available to purchase on IndieGameStand and looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

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