Thursday, October 9, 2014

PC Review #110: Hangeki

Title: Hangeki
Developer: Pentavera
Platforms: PC
Price: $9.99
By now, you're probably familiar with the Space Invader formula. Enemy formations at the top of the screen, your ship along the bottom, shoot down enemies while evading their bullets. In that respect, Hangeki doesn't reinvent the wheel. But what the game does accomplish, exceedingly well, is taking that well known formula and turning into it an over-the-top frenetic visual spectacle.
Yes, visual spectacle perfect sums up the kind of experience Hangeki offers. It doesn't take long until the screen is full of color and motion and particles, as lasers flash and bullets fly, and you decimate your enemies with a plethora of weapons, each one more dazzling than the last. Energy blades slice through entire rows, swarms of missiles streak and coil as they home in on targets, fiery blasts obliterate formations. the blast of your titular Hangeki super-weapon clears the entire screen. The sheer variety of your arsenal is the game's standout feature and offer a depth that other shmups lack. However simply firing wildly won't net you a high score. Hangeki rewards speed and accuracy; by maintaining a combo, you earn the ability to use the more powerful weapons in your loadout. Lose your kill chain and you'll eventually be reduced to your most basic weapon.
Between its main campaign, multiple challenges, endless mode, boss rush, there's a plethora of arcade action here to keep you occupied for hours. And if solo destruction wasn't enough, you can also double the chaos in local co-op. You can purchase Hangeki on Steam.


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