Saturday, June 4, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 6/4

Title: Light of the Empire
Developer: YC960 Studio
A space and land RTS/RPG hybrid
Title: Eliosi’s Hunt
Developer: TDZ Games
Eliosi's Hunt is a sci-fi top-down shooter and platformer with a unique universe, challenging and fluid gameplay and stunning visuals.
Title: Axis Descending
Developer: Mars Ashton
Axis Descending is a Metroidvania Dark Souls-like where you dodge, slash, dash and shock your way through a story mode, randomized "Divecaching" levels, unique bounty hunt adventures and tons of treasure chests full of loot!
Title: GravLab
Developer: VR Bits
The Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations would like to introduce our new range of gravity modifying appliances.

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