Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Short Hiatus

Hey, readers and fellow indie gamers, you've probably noticed that content and posts here have slowed down over the last few weeks. As well as being a gamer, I'm also a college student so November and December have been packed with assignments. I'm planning on taking a short break from my blog here to focus on finals and my essays. So there won't be any new posts for at least a week, probably till next weekend or longer.

But don't worry, there's much to look forward to. When I return, you can expect impressions of Kerbal Space Program and A-Men 2, IOS games such as Cyro and Galaxy Run, and promising upcoming titles and free games. I'm also working on two new opinion pieces (one about roguelikes and difficult games, the other about the stealth genre) and I'm considering a Starbound diary chronicling my journey through the game and beta progress.

Before I go, wanted to thank all of you who read my site and support me on Twitter. I never expected my blog to amount to much, but thanks to you, my blog has had almost 18,000 views since late August and over 150 followers on Twitter. That might not be much compared to others, but it's a great personal success for me. My philosophy was always that if at least one person read my blog and decided to support a developer, than it makes all this worth it, so thanks again for all your support. It's people like you who keep the indie scene alive and thriving.

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