Sunday, December 22, 2013

IOS Spotlight #35: Beat Drift

Title: Beat Drift
Developer: LunarPixelGames
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $0.99
Ever since I played Super Hexagon on IOS, I've developed a love for twitchy reflex-testing games. Beat Drift is the best I've played since Hexagon and that's coming from someone who's played most of the twitchy action games on IOS
Boson X grew more complex with each level, Duet and Pivvot were more about learning the patterns, but Beat Drift is back-to-basics evasion, just go forth and dodge. You hold the sides of the screen to move left and right, up walls and along the ceiling as you evade barriers in your path. The levels will rotate as well, so you need to stay focused and adjust to the new orientation quickly. There are four difficulty levels to master, each faster than the last, and each with their own music track.
It's tough to say exactly what makes Beat Drift stand out amongst the many other "Hexagon-likes" on IOS. It isn't that flashy, or that complex. It doesn't try to reinvent the formula. The game's strengths are almost subtle. The controls are just finely tuned and hair-breadth dodges are common. It has that addictive appeal of making progress by tenths of a second and then instantly restarting to go again, especially on expert Blur difficulty. It's simple and streamlined and the music makes it easy to get into the zone between focus and pure reflexes.

You can purchase Beat Drift for $0.99.

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