Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Watchlist: Icy

Title: Icy
Developer: Inner Void
Platforms: PC
Releasing mid-2015
Icy is a dialogue based RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where a new Ice Age stormed our beloved planet. The player will be the leader of a nomads group and will have to take difficult decisions to survive against all kind of dangers. The game will offer a lot of dialogues and meaningful choices capable of affecting the plot, but also a survival gameplay that will allow the player to hunt for food, scavenge for items and fight against beasts, monsters and other humans. 
An endless winter, where food is always scare and ruthless predators - both man and beast - prey on the weak. This is the world of Icy, a post-apocalyptic narrative RPG about surviving a world in the cold grip of a new Ice Age. Similar to games such as King of Dragon Pass and Neo Scavenger, the experience is presented through flavor text and artwork, as your nomadic group roams the frozen wastes, scavenging, hunting, fending off bandits and wild animals, making decisions, and enduring the cold. 
The developers plan to provide a deep experience that captures the danger and tough decisions of leading a group in this harsh world. Bullets are both your currency, to trade with other groups and settlements for much-needed supplies, and your ammo against wolves and bandits. Venture into the woodlands to hunt, always wary of roaming predators or the danger of spreading your party too thin. Being an RPG, skills can be upgraded and improved, and could mean the difference between lynx meat for your starving group or missing a crucial shot with your bow. Sickness, devastating snowstorms, and even evolved creatures roaming the wilderness are only some of the dangers you'll face in Icy.
Icy will release around June; an IndieGoGo campaign is planned for next week. You can learn more about the game and its progress on the developer's site. 

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